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Dear suppliers and manufacturers of auto parts and accessories! An online store ssg.asia invites you to cooperation.

Our company strives to occupy a leading position in the sales of spare parts for vehicles of Japanese, Asian and European production and is interested in expanding the circle of partners.

We offer our customers on-line directories for searching details and an automated system for receiving and processing orders.

Our capabilities allow us to be efficient and fast in delivering orders to our customers anywhere in the Word (air, road and rail transportation). Over 80% of our customers are wholesalers, insurance companies and service stations. Cooperation with suppliers and manufacturers is one of the key directions for our company development.  We have a good understanding of the interest of our suppliers in long-term collaboration and we are ready to provide all the necessary conditions for such cooperation: unique statistics and analytical data, the ability to quickly adjust pricing and product policies, information support.

We consider all offers for cooperation; however we give preference to the suppliers that are able to provide:  

•   a large range of genuine and replacement parts (with at least 1000 positions) from warehouses in the Emirates, the Gulf countries and Japan

•   regular information on assortment and warehouse balance

•   minimum time of delivery

•   flexible pricing

For further information please feel free to contact the Information Processing Department at: [email protected]

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Genuine Auto Spare Parts, Dubai, UAE
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